No words

­­­I stared at my laptop for at least an hour last night looking for inspiration on something to write about to no avail.  Every time I post, my goal is to share information that is positive and uplifting.  I must admit that sometimes it’s hard…  We all have to put on a façade at times, but I choose to use this space as an honest representation of my journey.  So, at about midnight I titled this post No Words, shut my laptop, and went to sleep. 

This morning I finally decided that I’d write what I need to hear.  ENCOURAGEMENT.  I am waiting for a breakthrough.  All of us are in some way…whether it be in the area of finances, career, relationships, family, etc. Although I know my breakthrough is going to happen if I keep working toward it, staying positive in the midst of adversity is not an easy feat.  It requires work and should be part of our daily self-care.

How do we implement this into our self-care regimen?  Here are a few small things that we can do each day.

1.       Positive self-talk.  I have bad habit of dwelling on something I said that wasn’t the best answer for a situation almost like answering a test question wrong then remembering the correct answer later.  Instead of ruminating, I practice positive self-talk by saying I tried my best and thinking about all the other things that I did right.

2.       Practice gratitude.  It is a scientific fact that negative words/occurrences are more prominent in our minds than positive.  I’m sure it’s part of our defense mechanism.  This makes it easier to remember the negative over the positive.  In order to reinforce the positive, we need not only reflect on the positive but be grateful. An easy way to do this is write it down.  If journaling is not your thing, jot down these things on sticky notes and put them in a box or a jar so that you can look at them whenever you need a little pick me up.

3.       Keep going.  This is THEE most important thing because if you quit, you absolutely can’t succeed.  Yes, continue to dream but also set goals and work toward them. There’s a quote that says, when you’re tired learn to rest not give up.  Don’t give up 😊



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