Law of Attraction

This is our year!  We probably say this every year, right?  That’s because every year it’s true.  Each year we start off with a clean slate and we can make it whatever we want.  Every year we should strive to be better and dream bigger!  I made a vision board in January and I’m finally getting around to starting my Law of Attraction Planner this month.  Making a vision board is a major part of using the Law of Attraction Planner.  It’s the blue print so it’s important to be very specific about what your goals are. 

Having a mission statement is also a key point in using the planner.  I had no idea what a personal mission statement was.  In my mind my mission statement sounded something like this, “I will work hard and strive to do my best for YOU!”

*Points finger at self* 


Obviously that wasn’t going to work!  Then Joe College aka my daughter gave me a formula for a personal mission statement that she found on Pinterest.  Here are the steps.

1. Take a piece of paper and divide it into 4 columns

2. Label each column (list 1, list 2, etc…)

a. In list 1, write 3-5 things you want most out of life

b. In list 2, write 3-5 things you want to see happen on the planet

c. In list 3, write 3-5 things you believe make you special

d. In list 4, write 3-5 things you can achieve right now

3. Read over your lists and circle the one thing that is most important to you in each list

4. Write your mission statement using the following format

I will improve (insert circled item from list 4) using my (insert circled item from list 3) to accomplish (insert circled item from list 2), and in doing so, also (insert circled item from list 1)

And voila, there you have it! Even if you’re not doing the Law of Attraction Planner, this statement is great to go along with your vision board because it helps you identify how you can make an impact on others and the world. And that’s what it’s all about…

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