Laughter is the Best Medicine

My daughter leaves for school this weekend and I’m already sad.  Wait…is that living in the future?  She’s been home for nearly a month and it’s been so great having the 3 of us together again.  My daughter, my son, and I have all laughed more in the past 3 weeks than we have since she left for college in August. 

She did what she has always done.  She encouraged me to better myself…an attribute I hope I was responsible for instilling in her.  “Mommy, get dressed.  Let’s go take pictures.”  Yes, I had planned on re-launching my blog, but my follow through was lacking.  I thought the timing had to be right…WRONG!!!  The timing couldn’t be more right as I am re-figuring out life without grad school.  It also gave us some mommy & daughter time to talk about her new life in college and her future plans plus we laughed A WHOLE LOT!

What I'm wearing

Coat, scarf, jeans- Urban Outfitters; Random grey sweater; Boots-DSW