The Start of a New Journey

I live in the future. No, really…I do. Enjoying where I am in life is something that I struggle with daily.  My previous blog If I Were a Brit Girl is evidence of that.  I started that blog when my children were entering high school and I dreamt of moving abroad the day after they graduated.  A girl can dream can’t she?! Fast forward to 2017…my daughter is a college freshman and my son is in his last semester of high school.  I’ve come to realize that my children still need me and will for a while.  This doesn’t mean that I will never move abroad, perhaps I will.  If not, I will surely expand my travels.

My greatest accomplishment, next to my children, is earning a PhD in Biomedical Science.  Earning this degree as a single mother, I’ve had to face some unbelievable challenges.  I want to say that staying strong in my faith is what helped me make it through, but that’s not completely true.  The truth is that sometimes my faith was weak, but God always gave me what I needed exactly when I needed it.

Now, I’m embarking on a new journey.  Unfamiliar territory for me, to say the least.  My children are entering adulthood and I’m finished with school (forever, lol).  Whatever will I do???  For now, I’ve decided to get back to the things I love personal style, home décor, nature walks, and blogging. To all of my old blog buddies, I hope that we can pick up where I unceremoniously fell off when life happened.  To any of you who are new to the blog I hope you will take this journey with me, the (un)mad scientist :-).

What I'm wearing

Sweater/Duster- Old Navy, Denim dress- Ross Dress for Less, Boots- Franco Sarto DSW, Hat- Urban Outfitters