A Dose of Nostalgia

In 2014, I was given the most incredible opportunity to present my dissertation research in Barcelona.  I remember being super nervous.  This was my first time presenting at an international conference and I must have reviewed my presentation a thousand times.  When it was time to present, to my surprise, I breezed right through it.  I answered questions confidently and even sparked interests for collaborations which is the life and breath of science and of pretty much everything, really.  

After the conference, I was able to spend a few extra days in Spain which meant a lot of food (pan, papas bravas, and paella) and a lot of shopping! The highlight of my trip, though, was this photo shoot that my bestie from Spain surprised me with.  This experience taught me a lot about myself.  I learned that tacos in Spain aren’t the Mexican tacos we’re accustomed to in the US, LOL.  Seriously, I was able to find my way around on the train and most importantly I realized that if I truly know something, I can convey it to anyone no matter how much of an introvert I am.