Retail Therapy

As cliché as it sounds, shopping is my therapy.  When I’m happy I celebrate by shopping.  When I’m sad, I cheer myself up by shopping.  I also shop when I have nothing to do with my time, or when I have a ton to do but am just not motivated.  The latter was the case this week.  I bought a few pairs of shoes online and hit up a couple thrift stores.  Do I think my shopping is a problem??? N-Yes. 

Here are the issues:

1. I always try to find good deals, but I also have a hard time passing up a good deal, which leads to my 2nd point

2. I have a lot of stuff! Since my daughter is away at college, her room doubles as my closet and I’m still running out of space…OMG am I a hoarder?

3. Lastly, often times I buy things that aren’t practical for my day-to-day life and these things go unworn

Now, there are things I can do to resolve these issues like investing in more storage solutions for my loot and wearing the stuff I buy…hello stilettos at the grocery store, but both are a little impractical, no?  Instead I am going to take a shopping hiatus which I generally do for lent.  During my hiatus, I’m going to go through EVERYTHING and do some purging.  I will keep you updated on my quest :)

What I'm wearing

Black long sleeve tee- Ross Dress for Less/ Blanket Scarf- Nasty Gal/ Jeans- Old Navy/Booties- Nine West