So I’ve been living in workout clothes lately and while it’s true that I’ve been working out more, that is not the reason.  The real reason is because it’s super easy.  For me, getting dressed is part of my self-care regimen because I feel better when I do.  I’m really excited about this athleisure trend.  Actually it’s what I thought I was doing wearing my workout clothes. Not quite.  Athleisure is incorporating athletic/sporty clothing and accessories into your wardrobe.

I’m really loving these Adidas Stan Smith’s that I mulled over waaay too long before buying them.  I also love that they’re pink, or blush as they are calling it these days!  Wait…do I sound old?! Blush is the new neutral so it can be worn with practically anything.  I opted to keep it simple with jeans and a t-shirt because sometimes less is more. 

I’m going to live in this athleisure trend all spring.  Currently dusting off all of my old sneaker boxes!  I guess that’s the good thing about keeping things (being a hoarder)…still having your stuff when what was old becomes new again!!! I’m not mad \ (•◡•) /

What I'm wearing

Zara T-shirt| Old Navy Jeans| Adidas + UO Nubuck Stan Smith sneaker| Ross Dress for Less Purse