Orange you glad

A few posts ago when I was in worrywart mode, I talked about ways to cope with waiting while at a transitional point in life.  What I failed to mention was to be thankful.  Be thankful…for where you are and for the things you went through to get there.

 I celebrated my birthday earlier this month and it gave me a chance to put things in perspective.  Last year this time, I was preparing for my dissertation defense and my daughter’s high school graduation…2 major life events!  Now, I’m preparing for my son to graduate and spread his wings.

Another major life accomplishment… and a lot to be thankful for!  Despite my habit of focusing on the future, I’m doing my best to take in all of the special moments happening now.  My son loves to sing, although he should stick to playing the trombone.  He has a habit of singing super loud and off-key in the car on the way home from school and (instead of wincing) I join in.  I know it will be one of the things I’ll miss when he’s off singing terribly on his college campus in the fall :).