Just Beachy

I am finally wearing my clothes!  I am notorious for buying things and having them hang in my closet for months/years.  I bought this Urban Outfitters dress along with several others over a year ago during one of their 40% off sale sales.  Like many of my clothes, I was waiting for a special occasion to wear this dress.  I was particularly waiting for a beach trip, but with all of the transitions within the past year it didn’t happen.  Then it occurred to me…  I go to ‘the beach’ about once a week when I walk one of my favorite trails. 

I threw this dress on with a pair of platform sneakers and headed to the beach!  After taking photos, I opted to stay in my dress to have brunch and run errands.  Historically, I would have felt ridiculous flouncing around Walmart in a maxi dress with side boob and my back out…not this time.  This time I felt confident and cool (seriously in over 80⁰ temps). 

Wearing my clothes and then REALLY wearing them represents growth for me. 

I like who I’m becoming :)

What I'm Wearing...

Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Julianna Jacquard Maxi Dress, Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Scallop Lace Bralette