More of What I Love

Sometimes I feel like I'm living a double life, lol. During work hours I'm a conservative scientist and on weekends I'm the total opposite...I can't wait to throw on a sundress or a festive top and jeans. Bonus points if I get dressed for chips and guac! 

Getting dolled up is one of my favorite things to do. Needless to say I had gotten away from this too when life got hectic. I'm slowly but surely getting back into it. The first couple of times I got dressed to go out, I was completely out of practice and it was OBVIOUS. My daughter, Joe College (JC for short), had a slip up and told me every time I go out I wear the same a** duster.  I do love a good duster! After I gave her the "I'm not one of your little college friends" talk, we laughed uncontrollably. I still think about it when I'm getting dressed. I think I'm getting the hang of it again :)