Old is the New, New

I love a good vintage dress!  I found this one at Buffalo Exchange in Phoenix last year.  I was drawn to it because of the bright colors and intricate pattern.  The peplum is an added bonus since my six pack is still a work in progress, lol! I was waiting for the perfect occasion to wear this dress and it finally came when I was invited to attend the Young Women Crush Cancer (YWCC) Annual Gala. 

YWCC is an organization founded by one of my dear friends, Dr. Viola Lanier, to support women ages 18-49 diagnosed with cancer.  Supporting cancer survivors is important to me because, like many of us, my family has been touched by cancer.  In addition, cancer was my research focus in graduate school.  The YWCC gala celebrated these brave young women fighting cancer while balancing families, careers, graduate school, etc. 

As a scientist, it is easy to get wrapped up in getting results and lose focus of your WHY.  The real reason is the people!  The women of YWCC embody the strength and resilience of young women with a purpose that just happen to have cancer.  If you are a cancer survivor looking for a support group, or if you would like to provide support to this dynamic group of women please reach out!

This is the "my feet are killing me" face :'( 

I love these shoes, but unfortunately my feet are too wide for the strap across the front!  If you are interested in purchasing them and have narrow feet, I have them listed here.