No Frills

I was determined to get a post up today since I didn't post Friday.  Even after getting off work late, fighting traffic, and making a pit stop at Chic Fil A for an ice dream cone (had been craving one since yesterday and Chic Fil A is closed on Sundays so...) I came home and put on what I would have worn had I done anything even remotely exciting this weekend.  I spent the first part of the weekend unpacking and TRYING to get settled into my new place, but the universe wasn't having it!  Instead, I ended up prying my little dog out of my big dogs mouth after trying to get them to share the same food bowl since I could only find one...who knew?!  I have had them both for 10 years and have never seen the big one act this way.  I put her in the laundry room as a time out and went out for a bit.  By the time I got home, she had made a hole in the laundry room door large enough to jump through and then she decided to pee on the air mattress I had been sleeping on.  That pretty much set the tone for my weekend!  When I decided to downsize to a loft, I knew it was going to be a transition for me, but I didn't think of the dogs other than having to walk them rather than just letting them out in the yard.  Although I was PO'd (pun intended), I now know it's an adjustment for the dogs too.  *Side Note* Why didn't I think about the fact that I'd still have to care for pets that I got for the kids after they left for school?  Any who, it looks like loft living is going to be interesting. Thankfully it was just an air mattress...

What I'm Wearing

|Top from my favorite store Ross Dress for Less| Free People Singing in the Mountains Pants| Suede Platform Pumas|