Weekend Uniform

I dropped my son to college this weekend and I cried like a baby :'(.  He of course was #unbothered and has been texting only since I left.  When I finally got a chance to speak to him, I asked what he'd been doing and he said he couldn't remember...boys!  While I am trying to get it together emotionally I'm doing the things I would normally do like exercising, running errands, and blogging but admittedly it feels like I'm just going through the motions.  

the unmad scientist weekend uniform 2

I was already in my workout clothes when I decided to do a photo shoot so I opted to leave on my Weekend Uniform T-shirt.  I had planned to pair it up with a skirt, but that was a no go since I'm <50% finished unpacking and have no idea where my skirts are so I opted for this skort instead.  This skort is a little risque for me!  I bought it for super cheap.  It was 80% off when Nasty Gal was being acquired by Boohoo.  I had planned to wear it out dancing or something like that and possibly with tights, lol! I'm glad I let go of my inhibitions for this super fun look.  Not bad for an empty nester, huh!

the unmad scientist weekend uniform 1
the unmad scientist weekend uniform 3
the unmad scientist weekend uniform
the unmad scientist weekend uniform 4

What I'm Wearing

Weekend Uniform T from my favorite store Ross Dress for Less| Skort Nasty Gal| velcro Vans in Gunmetal  Free People