It's August and the countdown to college is on! Joe College "JC" is heading back to school to begin her Sophomore year, Moe College "MC" will be a Freshman, and I'm emotionally a mess *insert ugly cry face*.  This summer has been such a transitional time for us and I'm doing my best to make their last days at home their best days.  Entertaining teens is a daunting task especially at this age since they think they are grown, so I resorting to my best resource...Groupon!  My goal is to try to fit as much as I can into these next 3-4 weeks!!!

These pics were taken after one of our lunch outings in East Atlanta. Tin Lizzy's chips and guac...need I say more???  *Note to self*  take pictures before eating so that my stomach doesn't look like I'm 3 months pregnant.  The struggle to find flattering pics out of these was too real!  Also, I'm trying to get away from just going out to eat especially because I've been working out and eating better.  It's all about striking a balance!  Baby steps...

What I'm wearing:

Shoes are from Ross Dress for Less and the open to anything lace dress is currently on sale at Nasty Gal