Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

If you're hiding you'll never be found...

I recently had this epiphany because sometimes I feel like I live a double life.  I'm a scientist on weekdays and a blogger on introvert that does something so seemingly extroverted.  Throughout grad school I spent A LOT of time making sure my two lives didn't collide for fear of being ostracized by my graduate program.  Because of this I desperately tried to stay under the radar.  

Keeping my blog a secret turned me deeper within and made me even more of an introvert.  In retrospect I realize it's okay to be an introvert in some ways and an extrovert in others, It's okay to be both left brained and right brained, and dare I say it's okay to have a life outside of grad school!   

 Although my grad school days are behind me thankfully, I still struggle with this.  I'm always trying to find balance ALWAYS, but I'm determined not to let anyone dull my sparkle 😉


What I'm Wearing

Tobi  Layla Chambray Frayed Romper| Ross Dress for Less Kimono| Sam Edelman Katherine Moccasin