To-do List

Is it me or did this weekend fly by?!  On weekends, I somehow I plan to get every aspect of my life in order...tie up loose ends from the week, plan for next week, get the house spotless,  give myself a complete overhaul, and make time for family and friends.  I can never finish this list in its entirety and I can't figure out why, LOL!

One of the things on my agenda for this weekend was to pull out my boots...mission accomplished ✔️.  As much as I looove hot weather, I also get excited for cooler temps so I can wear boots with EVERYTHING! There's something about a cute pair of boots that kicks an outfit up a notch!  I decided to pair these boots up with this super cute little number I got from Tobi.  

Guess I'll wear this until I get around to doing laundry next weekend 😉