Instagram vs. Reality

If you follow me on Instagram *shameless plug* then you see that most of my posts are pictures of places I visit during my work travels.  As a Biomedical Scientist I travel to different laboratories to train people to perform experiments that will lead to more accurate diagnoses and treatments.  It makes for great Instagram scenery but in reality, it’s A LOT of work…rewarding work…but a lot nonetheless.  My days consist catching early flights and often going straight to the laboratory from the airport, but I definitely try my best to explore during my downtime.  This could mean a visit to a local museum, finding cool places to shop, eating good food, or all of the above on a good day! I also reach out to family and friends in the different regions so that we can meet up and maybe do these things together. 

While my schedule is 85% work and 15% play, It’s super important to take time for myself to prevent burnout.  On one of my recent trips to San Diego, I literally woke up early to walk down to the beach every morning to watch the sunrise.  It was surreal!  As much as I enjoy a beach backdrop in my work clothes 😊, when possible I’ll document my work life to remind myself about the sacrifices and hard work along the way.  I hope these posts also serve as a glimmer of hope for PhD students or for those of you involved in any type of rigorous pursuit that you can LIVE through it and that there’s light at the end of the tunnel!