No Shopping in 2019

So this is my first post for 2019…  It took me a while to get it up because I was having cold feet.  My daughter presented me with this challenge over the holidays and I reluctantly agreed.  We started watching Marie Kondo on Netflix and talking about how much stuff I have.  I have boxes full of clothing, shoes, and home goods that I haven’t unpacked since I moved over the summer and some even longer since I had a storage unit prior to that!  My goal for the year is to use the Marie Kondo method to go through everything!!! 


The goal of this challenge is to prepare me for the next level.  Just like you can’t take everybody with you, you can’t take everything because both can be obstacles.  Not shopping has already been a challenge and it’s just January.  Why does January feel like the Energizer Bunny?!  To make this challenge more doable, I’m shopping my closet, okay garage ☹, for stuff I haven’t seen in forever and stuff that’s still new with tags.  I’m excited to discover what I’ll find and maybe…just maybe I’ll be able to park my car in there one day.

Even though my heart is in my stomach as I write this, I know that the benefits to this challenge are countless.  I’m reclaiming valuable time that I would normally spend in stores or browsing online.  I’m also saving money!  I’m excited to see how I’ll use these extra resources.  I won’t ask you guys to join me unless you want to 😊, but I would love it if you would keep me motivated and accountable.


Outfit details: Old Skirt (Nasty Gal), T-shirt (Thrifted), and of course my favorite shoes